We Lose Only When We Are Silent

We Lose Only When We Are Silent

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a voice in the midst of this turmoil, and the weight that comes with being loud about something you stand for. When we’re' fighting for something we so strongly believe in, it shouldn’t be hard to keep fighting, sharing and calling out, right?

But fear grips us in subtle ways. Fear likes to wear a mask.

You’d think it springs up from the very thing we are fighting against. But that’s the scary thing—fear doesn’t just come from the external forces we’re up against. It also lurks within us. It’s the brief moment you catch yourself thinking “is anyone even listening?” It’s that one comment “you won’t make a difference.” It’s that subtle look, or not a look at all, that your classmate gave you.

And when all of those micro-instances are mixed with the element of time, it can make for a dangerous army—composed of Silence, Complacency and Hopelessness.

It is only when we allow these feelings to affect our actions that we let them win the battle within our own heads. Why allow them the advantage of one more weapon? Every post we share, every conversation we have, every call we make, is an assertion that our voices matter. And that’s what’ll sting them the most; because it’s a collective stand against the very weapon they're trying to cast within us—the weapon of fear. 

It's crucial to recognize that we haven't lost until we let fear immobilize us. The true measure of our resilience is our ability to turn fear into fuel for change and not to be silenced. 

Every act of defiance against fear is a step toward reclaiming your agency. It's a testament to the power of individual and collective voices. Let this be today’s reminder that your greatest power is your voice. Your greatest act of resistance is refusing to be silenced.


Written by Hala Khalifeh

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