Halaballoo Commercial

Halaballoo Commercial

Halaballoo's first commercial! The past few months have been filled with so much change and uncertainty, but also so much growth. I made a lot of mistakes throughout the creation of this collection and had to relearn, redesign and replace so many things—my patience and creativity were really tested.

I often found myself asking what if it all goes wrong? But I finally switched that narrative to "but what if it all goes right?"

And I owe it all to this amazing team of individuals who not only put so much time and energy into making this video, but also believed in Halaballoo and the girl who started it and dreamed of this.

Director & Editor: @mattshaffar
Producers: @ashley.dasom @coal_sanch @carlosramirez.iii
DP: @adamlinssencine
AC: @joey_sperber
Gaffers: @mitchstorey @jacoblallas
Key Grips: @cdpickering @owenmarkham
Grip: @nathankadota
PD: @annieebecker @jennanbrewer
PDA: @sydneycosta
PA: @tylersomethingbrown
Styling/Casting Dir: @sophichacon
Photographer: @miapolcyn
Talent: @itsgabethomas @winsalk @hana.roushdy @sophichacon

And a special thanks to these amazing people that helped make it all happen:
@kaiirra @bcdanielson @filmedacademy @luciantune @dan_lesser @thomasgeorgedp @jakekrask @carlosramirez.iii

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