We believe every article of clothing—even if stained, forgotten, too big, or no-longer trendy—deserves a second chance to be cherished, styled and loved again.
The ReThreaded Series aims to bring new life to old pieces through intentional design and embroidery. We are reimagining forgotten fabrics and infusing them with newfound meaning.
Through these curated drops, we are creating one-of-one, sustainably-sourced pieces, while also furthering our responsibility to the planet.


Each piece is carefully hand-selected, cleaned, and mindfully evaluated for how embroidery and design can best enhance the piece.
We take into consideration the fabric-type and color of the item, and then digitally sketch a design we think would best compliment the garment—some pieces are kept simple with a small adornment on the pocket, and others may receive a full makeover with tasteful embroidery on the front, back and sleeves to truly bring it to life.


No two garments are ever designed, embroidered, or sourced the same. We find beauty in crafting one-of-one pieces that will never be duplicated again—making you the only one to ever have this piece.
Every piece is accompanied by a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.


Frequently asked questions:

How is each piece sourced?

One of the main points of inspiration that drove this series was our responsibility to the planet. Did you know that there is enough clothing on this planet to dress the next six generations? Halaballoo wants to ensure our work does not contribute further to the problem of excess production and waste—thus, The ReThreaded Series was born. All pieces from this series are sustainably sourced from secondhand markets such as thrift stores and vintage resellers.

What sizes are offered? How is the fit of these pieces?

All designs and pieces are designed with flexibility and versatility in mind—making each piece unisex and widely one-size-fits-all. For this reason, we like to source flowy pieces that can be worn by all, and styled in many ways. Going for that effortless look? Try cuffing the sleeves and wearing it open with a top under. Want a more structured fit? We like buttoning these pieces all the way to the top to give the collar more form. However you choose to style your piece, we know you’ll love it. We can’t wait to see your personal style shine through with these pieces!

How is each piece priced?

Pricing varies depending on design complexity, embroidered detailing and cost of original garment. Typically pieces are expected to range between $80-$175. All embroidered aspects and designs are hand-drawn, manually digitized and intentionally mapped out for each garment specifically—these are truly one-of-a-kind pieces that have an incredible amount of thought and design-work put into them.

Will multiple pieces of each design be sold?

No! The beauty of The ReThreaded Series is that each piece is truly one-of-one. Because the embroidery for each garment is specifically tailored and designed for just that piece alone, no two pieces will ever be the same. So if you grab a piece from the series, just know that you are the only person in the world who has a piece like that!

How frequently will new pieces be released?

10-20 new pieces will be dropped the first Saturday of every other month. Follow our Instagram or sign up for our newsletters for sneak peeks of the next drop and to be the first to hear when it's up!