Hi there! My name is Hala Khalifeh—thanks for checking out this page!

Want the quick facts? Halaballoo launched in 2020 while I was still a college student. I have a degree in Journalism from the University of Southern California. We are currently based in San Diego, CA. I'm a one-woman show, with the support of my husband and family.  

Have time for the nitty gritty? Now we're talking! Let's get into it! Well, ever since I was little I’ve always loved all things artsy and anything creative. From decorating and rearranging my apartment a thousand times, to DIY projects, and now, through my small business, I’ve always found ways to express my creativity. I find that no matter what stage in life I’m at, my desire to create is always present.

Now that’s where Halaballoo comes in. During my second year of college at the University of Southern California, which was also around the time The Pandemic conveniently chose to hit, I found that I wasn’t spending nearly as much time doing the things I loved. My demanding journalism assignments, paired with the increasing uncertainty of the world, made for a really dull mixture—a Hala that was unmotivated, stressed and unsure. It wasn’t until I got my hands on an iPad and discovered my interest in graphic design that those feelings turned around. 

Suddenly I was filling my time with creating content, designing custom logos, making earrings and keychains out of yarn and Youtube-ing how to make my first shop-able website. What started off as a college student selling stickers, earrings and keychains, quickly turned into a full-time business of embroidery and custom design-work all through the help of a supportive community and the desire to see what else it could grow into.

Through each and every design, message and order, I hope to spread the same joy I get from being creative, to those near and far from me. As a small business, I take pride in creating and packaging every single order as though it were my only one—because each one truly means the world to me and I’m so lucky to be able to do what I love every day. 

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