USC's Biggest Annual Concert at the LA Coliseum

USC's Biggest Annual Concert at the LA Coliseum

Halaballoo’s first ever pop-up shop! We were invited to set up shop at the Los Angeles Coliseum for over 4 thousand attendees for USC's annual Spring Fest!

Two years ago, I would’ve never imagined my small little quarantine project having its own booth and selling out at @uscconcerts biggest event of the year. Two years later, I still can’t believe it!!!

My heart is so full from all the love and kindness—it was such a dream seeing so many people in a crowd with a Halaballoo tote or a hoodie that I designed! I mean who would’ve thought there would be a rock-paper-scissors fight for the last sweatshirt?!

Thank you for reminding me why I love what I do. I’m so lucky to be able to create every day.

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