Preserving Tradition, Voices and Culture

Preserving Tradition, Voices and Culture

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The most meaningful thing I took home from my trip to Jordan was a textile gifted and hand-stitched by my husband’s Palestinian grandmother, Sitti Aisha. It was lightly folded and carefully wrapped when she gave it to me. She said she knew I would find value in it and would know how to take care of it, but she apologized that she never finished stitching it as her hands were getting weak.

In framing and preserving this Tatreez piece in our home, I'm not just honoring the hands that crafted it; but I am standing as one link in a long chain, ensuring these stories and traditions continue.

In every cross stitch, I feel the weight of tradition, the artistry of generations. This textile isn't just a fabric; it's a living testament to the rich culture, love and strength woven by her resilient hands, with an art that was taught and practiced by many before her.

Sitti Aisha said she rarely stitched for herself, yet this unfinished piece, a symbol of resilience, found its way to me. I was touched by this gift and felt it was my responsibility to preserve and honor everything it stands for—for others to see, cherish, question, marvel at, and learn from.

I chose to keep it unfinished as, to me, it signifies that the Palestinian traditions and stories will never “finish.” There is no end; and we will continue to teach, cherish and uplift their voices—in our hearts, and our homes.



Written by Hala Khalifeh

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Incredible. I am trying to connect to my own family’s stories too. The more I do, the more I see how we all pass by each other and have the chance to engage and learn from one another in this existence.

Lauren Fisher

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